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Every month, we will pick one website for the
Best Site Pick of the Month

For the month of July, 2003,
our Best Site Pick winner is

Southern Life (UK)

Created by
Chris and Caroline

Previous Winners

June, 2003
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
Administrated by

May, 2003
The Border Reivers
Created by

April, 2003
New England Genealogy by Ray Brown
Created by
Ray Brown

March, 2003
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
Created by
The United States National Parks Service

February, 2003
Created by
Jane Devlin

January, 2003
TheShipsList Home Page
Created by
Sue Swiggum and Marj Kohli

December, 2002
Electric Scotland
Created by
Alastair McIntyre, FSA Scot

November, 2002
The Eoff Family Research Site
Created by
Denise Doyle

October, 2002
Orphan Trains to Iowa
Created by
Madonna and Nettie Mae

September, 2002
The Mayflower Web Pages
Created by
Caleb Johnson

August, 2002
St. James Cemetery
Created by
Mike Faulkner

July, 2002
Minerd-Miner-Minor Family Website
Created by
Mark A. Miner

June, 2002
1790 / 1800 County Tax Lists of Virginia
Created by (Stephen and Yvonne)

May, 2002
REEB-REB European Heritage
Created by
Reeb Families Association

February, 2002
Civil War Resources
Created by
Dorothy Hober

January, 2002
Little Crosby Church - St. Mary's
Created by
Anna Tumulty

July, 2001
The International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists

Created by
Jeff Scism, Flock Master

May, 2001
English Villages
Created by
ENG-Villages Mailing List

April, 2001
French Connection
Created by
Bob Chenard

February, 2001
Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
Created by
T. F. Mills

January, 2001
The USGenWeb Project
Created by
The USGenWeb Team

December, 2000
GENUKI -- United Kingdom and Ireland
Created by

November, 2000
The International Genealogical Society University
Created by
Barbara Farris

October, 2000
UK Contact Points
formerly at
Created by
UK Contact Points

September, 2000
Genealogy Software Springboard
Created by
Karen Basile
Harley Barnette

August, 2000
The United State Civil War Center
Created by
United States Civil War Center

July, 2000
The Poorhouse Story
Created by
Linda Crannell

June, 2000
Headstone Hunter
Created by
Lee Freeman & Nichole Fino

May, 2000
Census Online
Created by
Mark E. Reed

April, 2000
Mayflower and Early Families
Created by
Claire Maddox

March, 2000
Alex Glendinning's Channel Islands Pages
Created by
Alex Glendinning

February, 2000
Christine's African American Genealogy
and Black History Website

Created by
Christine Charity

January, 2000
Mr. Spiffy's
Created by
Bruce Buzbee

December, 1999
JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy
created by
JewishGen, Inc.,
Susan King, Founder and President

November, 1999
AfriGeneas ~ African Ancestored Genealogy
created by
Clint Hayes, Angela Walton-Raji,
Anita Willis, Alva Griffith,
Valencia King Nelson and others.

October, 1999
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
created and maintained by
Cyndi Howells

September, 1999
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
created and maintained by
Christine Gaunt and John Fuller

August, 1999 - The Debut Winner
Notable Women Ancestors
created and maintained by
Susanne "Sam" Behling

To nominate your favorite site, send email to GFSBrenda

Guidelines for a Winning Website:

  1. The site has, as its primary purpose, the benefit of some portion of the genealogical community and is provided without fee or other obligation. In other words, its primary purpose is other than the promotion of a commercial product or service and the genealogical community is not a secondary or incidental audience for the site.

  2. The site has content that is unique, clear, informative, useful, and well documented (e.g., clearly defined source citations). Emphasis will be placed on original content, supported as necessary by relevant links to other sites. Excessive reliance on links will be considered a negative factor as will a large number of links to pay sites.

  3. The site is well organized in design, including navigation and visual appearance. Pages must be easy to navigate. One should always be able to get "home" and find the email address of the owner without having to search for it.

  4. The site follows best web page design and maintenance practices including being accessible to all major browsers, those with slower Internet connections and the disabled, and having essentially no broken links to other websites. Additionally, there will be no links to images on servers other than your own unless links are a requirement of the site where the image resides.

  5. The site is easy to read (both in color and text size), graphically pleasing, avoids excessive use of "bells and whistles" that slow down loading and distract the user, and has images that show up. Sites that employ "pop-ups" will be allowed; however, the existence of "pop-ups" will be considered as a negative factor during the review.

  6. The site will contain no pornography, racial or ethnic slurs, or any other derogatory material except as presented in original documents that pertain strictly to legitimate genealogy research and historic content (e.g., slavery). In addition, appropriate care should be given to respecting the privacy of living individuals and the sharing of sensitive information.

  7. If the site contains text, photos, images, or any other material that is copyrighted, this should be indicated along with a statement that permission has been granted for its inclusion.

  8. If the site uses frames, a no-frames alternative should be provided. Failure to provide this alternative will not automatically exclude a site; however, it will be considered as anegative factor during the review.

  9. If the site has background music, a means of turning it off should be provided. Failure to provide this will not automatically exclude a site; however, it will be considered as a negative factor during the review.

  10. Sites that are essentially lead-ins to numerous other sites (e.g., state GenWeb sites) will generally not be considered since its unlikely that all of the included sites are worthy of the award and our goal is to recognize individual webmaster excellence.

  11. Government sites will generally not be included. While some sites provide excellent genealogy data that may be worthy of the award, they are usually part of a major site that deals principally with other aspects of government and, in general, have not been developed with a primary goal of providing support to genealogy research. Exceptions to this guideline may be made if a government site, in its entirety, is truly outstanding and developed principally for use by genealogists and historians.

  12. While not an integral part of these guidelines, consideration may be given to the standards and guidelines described in the NGS GUIDELINES at

  13. One site will be selected for the award each month and the next five sites receiving the most votes will be retained for consideration in the following month. Sites that fail to receive an award and are not retained for consideration will not be resubmitted for a year, and then only if there has been a substantial change in quality or content.

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